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Notarial Service provided by Notary

Not all legal documents require Apostille. Apostille is required only if the receiving party has made such a request to do so. Therefore, when arranging for Notarisation, enquire with the receiving party of the document: Is Apostille required?

Our two notary public may notarize an oversea document for you in Hong Kong.  If the Notarised documents require an Apostille, you may instruct to do so on your behalf but you may elect to do it yourself (DIY). You may need a Notary Public:-

  • To certify identity of a person or a director of a company
  • To authenticate the originality of a document e.g. a degree diploma or simple an identity document or certificate
  • When dealing with international business transactions such as dealing a real property or acquisitions of assets or shares abroad 
  • To witness the execution of Powers of Attorney 
  • When setting up a business or company abroad 
  • When sending your child overseas appointing a guardian or custodian. This often happens in Canada.

Therefore, a notary witnesses, attests, authenticates and certified a document or a fact or a signature, as the case may be.Other legal services: